How to sell a car

Selling a car is no easy task. You need to be sure there is a market of people ready and willing to buy a car right now. There are always people out there browsing cars, taking them for test drives and dreaming about buying but these are not who you want to be aiming your sale at. Put some real thought in to how to sell your car and consider all your options before deciding an avenue to go down. You can sell privately, through a dealer or through an online medium and all have their good and bad Sides. However, no matter which option you choose, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that you can take in order to give yourself the best chance of selling your car. How to sell your car is a matter of debate but follow these general guidelines and you will get that car sold.

First things first, you need a great advertisement. How to sell a car without a good advertisement? You won’t, pure and simple. In your advert you should be sure to mention the year, make and model of the car and highlight these facts above all else. A lot of the time, people are looking for a specific model of car and this will draw any potential customers to your ad over the others.

Once the customer, or potential customer at least, has been drawn in, you now need to give them some solid details on your vehicle. Think about the kind of things you would want to know. People will want to know the mileage the car has driven, that’s a must. You should also provide details of the engine size, the color and the general condition of the car. It will hurt you here to be dishonest. If you are straight with people about the cars condition, then people know what to expect when they arrive to view it. If they arrive to something other than advertised they will be annoyed and much less likely to go through with the viewing, never mind the sale.

Finally, our top tip on how to sell your car; sell it! You’ve given the information, you’ve told them the factual information about the car so that they know what to expect. Now tell them why they should choose your car over any other car of a similar year, make and model to yours with similar mileage on the clock. This is where you tell them about any extras you have; CD player, electric windows, alloy wheels, spoiler, trailer hitch, etc. These are all very sellable extras and are what will lure any potential buyers in and get them to pick up the phone and arrange a booking.

When thinking about how to sell your car, remember, be clinical and then sell. Give the information that you would expect and then wow them with the extras and your car will be sold in no time.