Auto Sales

Auto sales is a tough industry. It’s highly competitive and in today’s market, it’s becoming more and more difficult for car dealers to make a sale. With instant access to information for the vast majority of people out there, auto sales people are at a distinct disadvantage. Sure, the salesman charm still comes into play and you’re always going to buy a car from a person who you get a good vibe off and that you feel you can trust.

Sales people often get a bad reputation. People have this idea that they would do anything to make a sale, even if that includes being dishonest to their clients. In no industry is this stereotype more prevalent than in the auto sales industry. The image of the shady sales person, trying to sell you an old beat up car that will probably break down as soon as you drive it off the lot, is one that flashes through most people’s minds when they go to a used car garage. Stories of auto sales guy’s running back the clock, taping thins together and generally fooling their customers have been around almost as long as auto sales have but that irrational fear of getting swindled should be wiped from people’s minds. In this day and age the customer has the power.

Back to the internet being at our fingertips. When a salesman quotes you a price you can simply google the price there and then from your phone. When he tells you that to include some optional extras is going to be such and such a cost, you can quickly double check his figures and compare things right there and then. This brings the power right back to the customer and isn’t that the way it should be.

When you look at the auto sales market as whole, it’s very obvious that it’s a buyers’ market, not a sellers. There are so many new car dealerships which never seem to have anyone going in or out of them. There are second hand cars up for sale in the classifieds of the local newspaper every single week and you pass a few cars a day with a sign in the front window saying for sale. Of course there is also the used car dealerships which often feel like a graveyard for cars. There are always a few that have been sitting there for far too long and look like they’ll never be bought.

At the end of the day, auto sales is a tricky game but in the times we live in the customer is the one with the power. There is huge choice of auto sales facilities to visit and there are numerous options of what kind of car to buy. What’s more is, with all that information in your hands, you have the upper hand over the sales person giving you every chance to get the best deal possible.