Car Auctions

If you’re in the market for a used car, you should check out car auctions in your area i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc. They are a fantastic place to grab yourself a real bargain. In fact, they are often the kind of place that people manage to buy themselves the vehicle of their dreams. That little sports car or family saloon, that was always out of reach, suddenly becomes affordable when you look at car options as serious, viable option.

Typically car auctions are not just reserved for cars either. It’s not uncommon for there to be cars, trucks, vans and sometimes even boats at these events and you can snag some great deals. Car auctions are growing in popularity all the time as they are an alternative to the usually boring routine of purchasing a new car. Visiting numerous car dealerships, flipping through the classifieds and searching the internet for a new car gets extremely boring after not too long. What’s worse is through every one of these mediums, you are not going to snag the bargain of your life, in fact you may very well end up paying more than you should.

Take used car dealerships for example, they have that reputation of being shady places, where getting a good, honest deal is probably out of the picture. Plus, the guys working there are taking their own cut, adding to the price of your used car. Car auctions can be organized in a number of different capacities, but the important thing to note is that car auctions always benefit the buyer.

Car dealerships with high levels of inventory might hold car auctions to get rid of some of their old stock. At these auctions it’s definitely possible to bag yourself a deal, although the reserve is usually higher than you might initially anticipate. Dealerships that are closing down sometimes have car auctions to get rid of the last of their cars and the reserve tends to be a bit lower at these.

For those really looking to find their dream car at a dream price though, there are two kinds of car auctions which you should keep your eyes open for. Police auctions are first up. This is where the police auction off cars which have been seized in arrests or from criminals. They tend to have flashy cars up for grabs and make a great spot to try your hand at finding a bargain. Another is bank or finance company car auctions. That poor person who couldn’t make their last payment on their loan lost their car as the bank will have seized it as a form of payment. However, their loss is your gain or at least it could be.

Car auctions make a great day out for the whole family. Often there will be bouncing castles, petting zoos and other bits and pieces to keep the kids entertained while you bid on a great deal or looking to sell your car fast.