Car Trader

Buying and selling cars can be a tough gig but for those who can master the craft it can be a lucrative path. There are a few personality traits and skills which make a great car trader. Like any sales job, some people are born with a gift for ‘moving and shaking’ and getting the most out of their customers. Some of these skills can certainly be learned and some of these personality traits can be developed over time. For those wishing to get into auto sales and become a successful car trader, it’s best to spend time around someone who has already mastered the craft. It always helps to have someone show you the ropes, mentor you and give you some guidance in any industry but in particular car sales.

Being mechanically minded really is a must. A person who sells other products might not have to have the same level of working knowledge of the products they are trying to sell but with car sales it’s essential to go above and beyond. You can certainly have a successful career as a car trader even if you don’t know one end of an engine from the other but your success will have limitations. If you are a ‘pure sales’ type who can close any deal but you don’t have mechanical knowledge then it’s best to get into new car sales. In new car sales the car is expected to work properly, people will not need to check over the vehicle to ensure everything is working as it should be. A car trader selling new cars really only needs to be concerned with wowing and wooing the customer to get them to close the deal.

For those who are mechanically minded then you have a bit more potential to develop your career beyond the confines of the shiny showrooms and even open up your own lot. If you can spot a great car as easily as you can spot a bad one then you’ve got the necessary skills to be a successful car trader. Being able to tell by the sound of the engine or from a quick inspection under the bonnet, whether a car is running well and how long it’s likely to continue doing so for gives you a leg up in this industry. On the other hand, being able to take a car with problems fix them yourself, with the only cost being your time and parts then you can sell that car for a lot more than if you had to hire in outside help to get it running to a standard you were happy to sell it at.

As previously mentioned, car traders the world over share a skillset and certain personality traits. If you’re considering getting into the game then do a self-assessment and see if you think you’ve got what it takes to make it in the super competitive world of auto sales.