Free Car Valuation in Australia

Selling your car can be a difficult task that requires thorough knowledge, time, money and endless searching. You can find yourself researching the best public and private buyers and dealerships, only to find yourself compromising with a significantly reduced selling price in the hopes of saving time and making a “quick sale”. Worse still, you could find yourself onto a winner of a buyer only to find you have dealt with a timewaster, or with someone trying to con you of your car, should you not be fully aware of your vehicle’s specs and value.

At Carcoin, we hold the key to rectifying all your car sale issues and needs. We are an online medium for getting in contact with car dealers that mean business. These dealers buy and sell cars daily and have thorough knowledge of car specs and of the industry at large. Better still, many dealers specialise in the sale of a specific car brand or type, meaning your sale can be matched with sellers who are looking for exactly what you have. With you, the seller, and specific dealers, the buyers in mind, we have created the perfect balanced medium that maximises car pricing in the shortest period of time. Simply send us your car details and you’ll receive the best competitive rates across Australia within twenty-four hours.

Only once you receive an offer that you are happy with, will we then reveal your details to the buyer allowing for sale completion. This discreet means of sale processing means you get a highly competitive rate and the best price possible, something no offline car valuation company could achieve.

Best of all, it’s free of charge! Our innovative car valuation online method allows us to provide you with a cheap, handy way of selling your car without any hidden costs. You can even sell your car with finance owing, should the selling price be higher than what is owed- even if it is not, you simply pay whatever shortfalls are owed on your car. It’s that simple! To get maximum value from shopping around for offers, you can receive up to seven offers on your car, all of which generally last for at least forty-eight hours or sometimes even longer. Almost every vehicle can be sold, from cars up to the age of fifteen years old to vintage cars.

For the best in online car valuation, why not call us or submit your details to us online today? We can assure you that your details are kept in the upmost of confidence and are only used to sell your car with your prior consent. It’s quicker, safer, and far easier than any other method of selling. You’ve only got something to gain with Carcoin’s free, online, quick car sale provider!