New Car Sales Down

As of May 2014, the sales of new cars have been worse than ever before in Australia. Only three of the top car brands reported profits in their sales, and that too is by a small margin. The reason for this is unclear, although a relationship with the economy taking a hit recently probably has something to do with it. Everybody may want brand new cars to call their own, but not everyone can manage to afford them. What’s the solution to this, you ask? Easy. Buy used cars.

Because the new car sales down, there has been an increased demand for used cars in the market. To maintain financial stability, people have resorted to buying second-hand, even third-hand cars. This means the used cars business has become a lot more competitive. It gives us the reassurance that even if the dealers you’re working with currently are not hospitable, if you look around just a bit more, you will find better ones in no time. Every good business wants to keep the customer happy.

The other advantage of this is that the growth in the market for used cars means good things for people looking to sell their old cars.

The market for used cars has expanded exponentially since new car sales went down. So now might be a good time to sell your old car and save money on fuel and maintenance. At Carcoin, we will help you get in touch with some of the most trusted car dealers in Australia in the shortest possible period of time.

Carcoin’s online portal has been designed expressly for this purpose. All you need to do is submit your car’s details to us and we will make sure you get up to seven offers within the following forty-eight hours. We have complete knowledge of the market and the dealers, and we will make the process of selling your car simple, quick and smooth for you. And we will do it for free! You won’t need to pay us any fee for the service we’ll provide for you. All we want is your trust and satisfaction.

Our industry experts provide you the kind of service that will leave you very happy since it is our job to ensure you get the maximum price for your car as quickly as possible. Furthermore, our service saves you from having to drive around trying to find interested buyers, dealers or trade-in deals. We will do all the legwork for you. You will receive plenty of attractive offers from customers who are genuinely interested in your vehicle. However, you won’t be under any obligation to sell your car to any of them unless you feel completely content with the offer. Your money will be dealt with extremely safely and carefully, and you won’t have to part with your car before the agreed amount is transferred from the buyers’ hand to yours.

In today’s market where new car sales down and there’s a growing demand for used cars, Carcoin will do everything they can to ensure that you take advantage of it.