Selling A Car in VIC

Are you living in the VIC region, looking to sell your car but getting overwhelmed by the number of dealerships and private buyers there are on offer? Are you worried you might be robbed of your money through haggling or temptation of a “quick sale”? With cars on constant demand in the region, the last thing you should be concerned about is compromise. You should be thinking about how much you can really reap out of your car, be it an old make in need of repair or a brand new car you wish to sell in the hopes of an alternative purchase. So how do you cut out the timewasters, the scam artists and the effort of finding the perfect buyer?

The answer is Carcoin!

Carcoin is an online site that works as a medium between car buyers and sellers. We know how much your car can make, and the buyers that are willing to give you that offer. We hold an online base of communication with car dealers who need quick, specific purchases. Because they are looking for specific brands or car types as soon as possible, they give unbeatable offers that you won’t easily find out of your own research. So how does it work?

When you submit your details to our website, we send them off to dozens of our contacts. A select number of these contacts return to us with an offer within a timeframe of just twenty-four hours, and we select the highest of the offers that are given. Typically, we will send you between three and seven offers. You generally have forty-eight hours, or more if the dealer specifies, to accept or decline the offer. The best part is that we do not charge a single cent for our service. It’s completely free! Selling a car in VIC has never been so simple!

So what else do we do to keep your sale simple? Firstly, our dealers pay the resale fee before receiving your car, so you pay no hidden fees. We never disclose your details without asking you first, so you’ll never have to deal with unwanted calls, offers or timewasters. Should you not receive an offer within the first day of advertising, we list your car until it is sold at no additional cost but such an occurrence is a rarity, and is often a result of offers being rejected in the hopes of fetching even higher offers.

With Carcoin, the hassle of selling your car in VIC is significantly reduced. You get prices you deserve, in a hassle-free manner, in the quickest time and from the comfort of your own home. And all in a free, secure and easy to communicate medium that is Carcoin’s website. Why not visit our website or get in contact with us to find out more?