Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Car

Are you looking to upgrade from your current car to a better, newer model? Or maybe you’re looking to save some money that would otherwise go to car maintenance and fuel? Whatever the reason might be, you’re trying to sell your car. And doing that can be a little bit tricky and taxing. At Carcoin, we understand the problems you may have to face while selling or trying to sell your car. That is why we want to help you find the best way of getting your car sold for the best price possible.

Here are the top 5 tips for selling your car:

  1. Find the right price for your car. Use all the resources at hand – internet, classifieds in the newspaper etc. Look around and determine how much the current model of the car costs and if it’s in demand in the market. This will ensure that you don’t undersell your car and suffer a loss in the process.
  2. Repair your car. If your car has some problems right now, it will be a good idea to repair it and get rid of as many flaws as possible. Every little damage will chip off the price of the car to all potential buyers and you should do whatever you can to avoid incurring loss that way. Get a professional mechanic to look at your car and evaluate it to make sure every disrepair is addressed and taken care of.
  3. Give it a makeover. This will go a long way in impressing buyers. If you think your car needs to be repainted, get it done. Clean the interiors and make sure they haven’t gathered spots or stains. Oil the hinges of the doors so they don’t make noise and polish the exterior of the car as well. If your car is in a good condition, it is bound to sell at a high price.
  4. Don’t settle for the wrong price. After you’ve done your research, you should have a pretty good idea of what the resale value of your car is. If the offers you’re getting aren’t good enough, don’t feel compelled to sell. At Carcoin, your advertisement will be up for forty-eight hours within which you will get plenty of good proposals from interested car dealers.
  5. Be prepared with all the necessary information and details of your car. Once you’ve made the decision to sell your car, you will need to enter these details into our online portal for us to begin the search for interested buyers. Important papers such as car insurance, car loans, service record etc. will have to be furnished to the buyer of your choice to allow transparency in the sell.

Carcoin gives you complete freedom to sell your car to trustworthy car dealers in Australia. With us, you are under no obligation to sell your car to anyone should the offers you get not match your asking price.