Used Car Buyers

Selling a used car can be daunting for all sorts of reasons. You may be worried that its specs aren’t up to standard, or perhaps your car is in need of some repair. Certain dealerships or private buyers may not be interested in cars more than ten years old, and others may try to bargain you down to an unfair price. Yet, used cars can be a valuable asset for both buyers that wish to get a reduced price on older versions of newer cars and also for sellers who wish to fetch a good offer in the hopes of upgrading to a newer or different type of car. How do you get around the issues surrounding the selling of a used car, and how do you get maximum value, minimum time wasters and great efficiency?

Here at Carcoin, we believe we have the answer. We provide an online car valuation site that is free, reliable and gets you the best offer for your car in the quickest time possible without any compromises. We act as a medium between car dealers and all kinds of sellers. Our dealers are looking for specific car types quickly, meaning that they will give the best offer for your car. We sell cars up to fifteen years old and vintage cars so the age of your car is something you shouldn’t have to fret over.

So how does it all work? When you submit your car’s details to us, we send them off to numerous used car buyers. Some of these buyers come back to us with an offer within a day of you submitting your details, and we only give you the highest of these offers. We usually send between three and a maximum of seven offers to you, and you receive forty-eight hours, or more if the dealer specifies, to accept or decline the offer. Our dealers pay the resale fee before receiving your car, so you pay no hidden fees and we don’t give out your details without asking you first, so you’ll never have to deal with unwanted calls, offers or timewasters. If you don’t get an offer within the first day of advertising, or simply want to try and fetch a better offer, we will list your car until it is sold at no additional cost.

We believe that Carcoin is Australia’s answer to used car sellers that simply want peace of mind and money they think they deserve to get from their car. It’s free, secure, efficient and so effective, and we follow up on our guarantees. Our base of buyers and sellers is significantly large because people have discovered the simple, yet effective, method that is the online portal of Carcoin. Why not get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you?